December 2, 2023

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Q. How can I inform when the time is true to reap my winter squash and pumpkins? Among the vines have virtually fully died down whereas leaves stay on others.

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A. When a squash or pumpkin has matured and is prepared for harvesting, the stem connected to the fruit can have turned woody. Typically, it is going to even have turned brown. And the pores and skin ought to have hardened. Once you make the lower to sever a squash or pumpkin, go away 5 to eight cm of stem.

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To additional harden the skins and “remedy” harvested squash and pumpkins previous to storing them, first be certain they’re clear. Then place them in a heat location (26 to 29 C) for per week. After the curing interval, they are going to retailer greatest a cool web site, ideally between 7 and 10 C.

Q. What can a garlic lover do when consuming uncooked garlic begins to trigger digestive upset? I like rising and consuming garlic. Is there a means for me to take pleasure in it with out discomfort?

A. You might attempt roasting garlic cloves evenly earlier than utilizing them in meals. I typically peel garlic cloves, place them in a heavy pan that has a lid, and drizzle them with olive oil and a tiny little bit of water. To keep away from burning the cloves, I roast them within the lined pot at a modest warmth, round 250 to 300 F, till they’re comfortable. It’s possible you’ll discover the garlic extra digestible this fashion. It’s definitely milder. Retailer within the fridge for as much as per week.

For garlic mashed potatoes, I steam the cloves together with potato items till each garlic cloves and potatoes are tender and able to mash collectively.

At the moment, the garlic continues to be pretty recent after harvesting. As time goes on, the cloves within the saved bulbs will develop bitter centres which are greatest eliminated earlier than utilizing the garlic. Simply halve the cloves lengthwise and take out the centre core.

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